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How A Do-It-Yourself Divorce Works | F This Marriage

Untangle your life with the perfect rhythm – Your personalized guide to an effortless DIY divorce journey.

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How It Works

Ending a marriage doesn't have to feel like a courtroom battle or a never-ending drama series, and it certainly doesn't have to break the bank. Enter F This Marriage – a DIY solution that takes the headache out of  divorce (with or without children).

F This Marriage walks you through crafting your own state and county-specific divorce forms, covering all the bases from property and debts to children (if you have them) and any other nitty-gritty details. With our online platform, you'll breeze through the process, following our step-by-step filing procedures that guarantee a timely, professional, and drama-free divorce experience.

While we can't promise you a courtroom-free finale (rules vary by state and county), with F This Marriage, filing your own divorce is about as simple as ordering takeout.

Easy Divorce Process

Step 1: See if you qualify & create account

Our state Qualifying Form will guide you through creating your account, making the setup process as swift as a ninja breakup. It's the first step to getting your paperwork party started.

Step 2: Answer the questions at your own pace

Answer a handful of painless (non-legal) questions – most folks wrap it up in less than an hour. Go at your own pace or invite your soon-to-be-ex to join the questionnaire fun. Your answers are like a personal diary – editable whenever you fancy.

Step 3: Print, sign and file your divorce forms with your local court

Once the Q&A show is over, hit print on your completed forms and filing procedures. You're in control – reprint or tweak your forms without any extra charges.

Plus, revel in the luxury of unlimited free product support via email. From inception to conclusion, our support team has your back. Because breaking up should be as smooth as our support team's response time.


See if you qualify & create account


Answer the questions at your own pace.


Print, sign and file your divorce forms with your local court (instantly review & print your forms online).


Start at only $157 

(2 monthly payments)

OR $299 (1 flat fee payment)

Payment Options Do Not Delay Divorce

Instant Delivery - Instant Changes

100% Guarantee of Court Approval or Your Money Back
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