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Divorce Laws: The Ultimate State-by-State Guide | Divorce Do's and Don'ts | F This Marriage

Untangle your life with the perfect rhythm – Your personalized guide to an effortless DIY divorce journey.



  • Ever wonder about the wild difference between no-fault and uncontested divorces? We've got the scoop!

  • Dive into the perks of filing an uncontested divorce – it's like the VIP section of breakups.

  • Ready to negotiate your divorce like a pro? We've got tips for the fearless DIY filer.

  • Check out the 6 advantages of being the captain of your divorce ship.

  • Don't forget these 9 Tips for the Do it Yourself Divorce Star!

  • Curious about online divorce adventures? We spill the beans!

  • Wondering if you can file your own divorce with kiddos in the mix? Yep, we'll guide you through.

  • Need the lowdown on residency requirements? We're here to enlighten you!

  • How to prove you're the resident divorce expert? We've got tips!

  • Spouse in a different state? No problem – we'll tell you how to handle that.

  • Separation before filing – myth or must? We'll clear that up.

  • The age-old question: How long does a divorce take? We've got your back.

  • E-Filing your divorce papers? We've got the deets!


Some Fun Divorce Facts:


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  • Military divorce in your cards? We've got the playbook.

  • Navigating an uncontested divorce like a boss – we'll show you how.

  • Trouble agreeing? Try a mediator, then file for divorce like a superhero.

  • What's the deal with hiring a divorce lawyer? We'll break it down.

  • Waiving those divorce filing fees – we know the tricks.

  • Joint Custody all the rage? We'll tell you why.

  • DIY divorce with existing custody orders – we've got the playbook.

  • Alimony and spousal support – decoding the mystery.

  • Crunching numbers for child support in your DIY divorce journey.

  • Doing your own divorce with property – we'll guide you through.

  • Marital home in the mix? We'll tackle the details.

  • The ins and outs of a Marital Settlement Agreement – we've got your back.

  • What to expect if you're court-bound or attending a hearing – we'll prep you.

  • Divorce hearing rules and requirements – we'll keep you in the know.

  • Marital misconduct and divorce – the scoop on the drama.

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